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To book your session for Tuesday afternoons please complete the form below 

We offer small group session that are fun and full of skills.

Each session is an hour long. We will focus on balance, cornering, switchbacks, jumping and drop offs.


    Flow Riders Tuesday Booking Form

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    Option 1
    R1595 per term AISCT
    Tuesday 15H15-16H15 at the Bike Park
    Includes Bike Park Entry
    Includes 1 wash and lube & Bike Check over & Sealant top up at the Bike Park

    Option 2
    R1595 per term AISCT
    Tuesday 16H30-17H30 at the Bike Park
    Includes Bike Park Entry
    Includes 1 wash and lube & Bike Check over & Sealant top up at the Bike Park

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