OddWheel Unicycles

Unicycle Coaching Sessions

Unicycling is an art where the rider balances seated a top a one wheeled cycle that is pedal powered. Unicycling left the circus and entered the extreme sports world roughly 25-years ago. Disciplines like Trails & Flatland, Off-Road & Mountain and Road are a few categories. In your first lesson you will be taught how to mount and dismount safely, cycle forward and turn. The lessons will be taught by Donna Kisogloo – a Unicyclist who’s forte is mountain unicycling, teaching and community building.

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What’s Included:

  • 1 on 1 unicycle lesson
  • Use of the unicycle
  • Assessment after the initial lesson so you know how many lessons you need to reach your riding goal
  • Connect with a fun community of like-minded people and join in future events
  • Understand what gear you need, and which unicycle is right for you
  • Have lots of fun and accomplish something amazing.