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And no, it’s not balance. It’s to encourage our kids to actively connect with the incredible world around them. A life affirming relationship for our children and our planet by simply giving children the very best tools for developing a love of exploring and making them with materials, components and craftsmanship that will see through them, their siblings and their friends.

The low slung frame with a minimum seat height of just 31cms gives them the earliest of starts. It’s classic diamond construction and cold forged drop outs are for strength and will take whatever a growing child, or an older sibling, throws at it. A beautiful brushed finish that means the quality of the tubing and our welds are always there to see and scratches just add to its character. CNC’d aluminium hubs and axles run on sealed cartridge bearings keeping the bike light and friction lighter. 2″ Vee Speedster tyres roll over everything with minimum fuss, providing the comfort and stability young riders need. Internal cabling for a optional rear brake upgrade with custom Ritchey riser bars designed specifically to fit mini V short reach levers. As easy as riding a bike.

We use premium parts because without them, we cannot make our balance bikes to perform and last to the standards we set. We only see three reasons to use poor quality materials like mild steel, solid tyres, plastic rims and bushings. The first is that they are cheap. The second is that it’s easy – easy to buy, easy to use, easy to sell. The third is that the bikes will become landfill long before they risk cannibalising future sales. This is not us. We won’t ask you to buy our products but we would ask that if not ours, you buy a quality alternative, either first hand or second, that will not end up in the ground sooner rather than later.