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If Marvel decided they needed a new, albeit small-ish, superhero to travel to remote parts of our planet and save the world from a mass extinction, they’d give them one of these. It is front to back spec’d with components designed for adventure: high performance, incredibly durable and, in case the need arises far from home, immediately serviceable.

A superb, lightweight, wide range 1 x 9 system, boasting a 11-46 cassette that gives a whopping, market-topping 418% gear range. The kids could soon get granny in a cape crushing those climbs in far away places. A lightweight but robust aluminium frame and 1 1/8th inch steerer fork to make sure it can absorb those big hits the trails (and curbs) will inevitably throw at you. And a long, low and slack geometry with premium Ritchey controls to give the stability your kid will need to ride them out as well as the bike.(Over and over again).