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Our childhood should be one big adventure, and the Big Foot 12 is a statement of intent. It’s designed for those who are committed to their children being more connected to the environment around us than to a device.

It’s an important battle to win early, and so the low slung frame with a saddle height of just 31cms gets you the jumpstart you need. A robust diamond frame and forged drop outs means you’ll not have any hits putting the bike out of action. The elements won’t be a problem either, all our bearings are maintenance free sealed cartridges and our frame, fork, hubs, rims, steerer, stem and handlebars are all aluminium. In fact, other than hardware, the only steel on the bikes are the hardened spokes – a full 20 of them on each wheel to make sure they’ll not buckle at the sight of a curb, a root, or dad for that matter.

But it’s really about feeling as confident on the trails as it is on the pavement. So we’ve 2.25″ balloon tyres that soak up every bump, with knobbly treads whose side walls come alive in the mud and loose to ensure the traction that will get your kids on track and keep them there. Not to mention anatomically designed Ritchey controls with a powerful, light pull rear brake to give that extra braking confidence when the ground under foot looks a little sketchy for those little rubber soles.