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Weight 8.6kg

Seek and ye shall find.
The Seeker 20 is built for broadening horizons. A massive. market leading 11-42 tooth cassette gives the extra gearing needed to make light work of any hills, and a clutch equipped mech to tension the chain to keep it in place on the rough, cutting ‘chain slap’ and the risk of the chain unshipping completely. With a short stay geometry optimised for manoeuvrability and performance controls from Ritchey, you can rest assured your progress is not going to be hampered by even the most fiendish of single track either, as you look to go further and further afield.

A lightweight rigid fork running bump soaking 2.25″ balloon mud tyres provides all the cushioning a young adventurer needs and saves a full 1kg on the weight of a suspension fork. That’s your beans, bacon and camping stove right there. It’s super durable too, it saves you the servicing of a shock and, as it’s made from super strong aluminium, it’s just as robust when those inevitable drops and crashes come along.

Rammed with high end features such Samox narrow Q factor direct mount cranks, narrow wide chainring, external cup bottom bracket, Promax hydraulic disc brakes, 160mm rotors for better modulation – the bike is designed to go the distance with the minimum of fuss, whatever that distance may be.